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Newgate Mr Architect Wall Clock  Grey
Newgate Mr Architect Wall Clock  Grey
Newgate Mr Architect Wall Clock  Grey

Newgate Mr Architect Wall Clock Grey

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Mr Architect wall clock from Newgate features a modern graphic dial with large roman numerals & a minimalist straight cut light plywood case.

Material: light plywood case, metal hands, glass lens.

Dimensions: W 41 CM X D 4.7 CM

Battery (not included): 1 x AA (high quality branded)


Your clock is designed only for domestic and light commercial indoor use, it should not be used in an environment with high humidity such as a conservatory/summer room/greenhouse/shed/swimming pool/bathroom/above cooker or appliance/outdoors.
Or in an environment where there is intense heat or overexposure to sunlight from, but not limited; sun through a window/conservatory/summer room/greenhouse/over a cooker/radiator/fire/wood burner. Intense heat can cause clocks/cases/parts to melt/contract/warp/discolour and can cause clocks to stop or push interference fit hands to come loose. Damage caused by these environments/conditions are obviously not warranted, therefore no exchanges can be made under the warranty, nor can repairs be carried out as the corrosion from some parts have probably already affected and damaged others parts and materials.

It’s really important your clock remains dry at all times, which includes not exposing it to damp walls, damp rooms and humidity etc. Overly cold and overly hot environments must be avoided, as well as exposing the clock to too much sun. Keep the clock free from dust to ensure the movement remains in good condition. Avoid cleaning your clock with water or cleaning agents or abrasive cloths.